SIAXAMPANIS E.E. “ALKYONIS”  is a company formed in 2007 and based in Thessaloniki, Greece while it maintains two branches, one in Almyros Greece and one in Kilkis Greece.

The main activity of the company is the production of electricity from photovoltaic systems, and the management, maintenance, technical support and monitoring of solar stations. The company boasts an experienced and highly qualified team of engineers and technicians who also develop research activities in the field of renewable energy sources and especially in the design, patent and manufacture of solar tracking systems.

The company owns solar parks throughout the region of Northern Greece and especially in the area of ​​Abdera in the region of South Xanthi in Greece, where it manages and is responsible for the proper operation of a photovoltaic power plant of 1.91MW. 

This photovoltaic power station is connected to the medium voltage grid and is one of the largest electricity substations in the wider area of ​​Avdira, responsible for its proper power supply.